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Monday, December 16, 2013

The power of social media

Expert: Michelle Rosado
The power of social media can be accounted for many of celebrities' recognition and media attention worldwide.

But where does it begin for the new author, publicist or CEO? 

It starts with a blog.

Yes, a blog - not a website, a Facebook page or a Twitter account.

By writing a blog post once a week you can open the floodgates to whatever site you wish your readers to visit.

In the six months since using this method I've gotten a 200% increase in my website visits, fanpage and LinkedIn followers.

By using the Google keyword tool and importing keywords into your blog posts you can also get organic leads from people searching online for a specific subject and/or product.

If possible, create a blog from your own server and not where the blog service is mentioned in the url (i.e., or
Here's a clearer example. My blog,
 is actually a Wordpress blog but "wordpress" is not shown in the url.

Hosts like GoDaddy and Dreamhost have one-click installations to ease the process.

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