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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Writing and Self-Publishing Tips

Expert: Amy Leigh Strickland

Writing Tips:

·         Writing a period piece? Bookmark a good etymology dictionary so you can constantly check if your words are too modern

·         Outline before you being. When you get stuck, go back to your outline and force yourself to keep writing.

·         Set deadlines for yourself and be a mean boss. Didn’t finish your chapter? No sushi night for you!

·         If time permits, put it aside for at least two weeks before you try to edit.

·         Acquire some brutally honest friends (you can usually find these in Massachusetts) and ask them to Beta read. Be ready to take a knock to your ego and not fight back. IT will be worth it.

Self-Publishing Tips:

·         Let a handful of Beta readers have your book for free before you put it on sale. Ask them to let you know if they catch any typos.

·         Invest in solid cover design. Your cover is your best endorsement, but a poor covery can easily become your worst.

·         Never respond to negative reviews. Any response to negativity will quickly spin into a firey cyclone of internet hatred that will consume your reputation, no matter how wrong they are.

·         Get out there and do events. Offer your smiling face as guests at conventions, libraries, and book stores. People like to support projects by someone they’ve met. IT gives them a personal connection to your budding celebrity.

·         Don’t’ expect to become a celebrity. Don’t even expect to sell many copies of you first book. Indies find they sell more copies of each book when they have more titles on the shelf. Have patient and keep plugging.

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